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1/1200 – 1/1250 SCALE SHIP MODELS
Ed Antin (USA):  produced basswood models from 1975 through the 1980's, chiefly of US Naval ships
Karl-Erik Bostrom (Sweden):  produces resin models of Swedish naval subjects.
 Swedish minelayer Alvsnabben by Karl-Erik Bostrom, photo by JanMattsson
Cy Broman (USA): produced wood models, chiefly U.S. Navy.
USS Constitution by Cy Broman, photo courtesy of Ric Fleming
W.D.G. Blundell (UK): active in the 1960's-70's
William Hartings (USA)
Duncan Haws (UK):  a noted producer of paper and card stock models of liners and warships in the 1950's and 60's. (see video:
1:29 Video still of Duncan Haws hard at work at home by the fireplace
Uwe Gens Hoppe (Germany): produces wood models, chiefly Japanese and U.S. Navy subjects; sells on eBay, accepts commissions. 
1/1250 Schiffsmodell/Ship Model: US Repairship AR-9, USS Delta Uwe Hoppe's model of the US Repair ship Delta
Ron Hughes (UK)
Len Jordan (UK):  did his own line of wood models in the 1980's before starting his own commercial line of British merchant ships.
John Lindsay (UK)
David Manning (UK): active in the 1960's-70's.
Leo Marriott (UK): active in the 1960's-70's
Hugh O'Connor (USA)
P. Otten (Germany):  produced a number of resin liners and trooper conversions
1:1250 HMS "BRITANNIC" GB Truppentransporter WWII   Trooper Britannic by P. Otten
Harry Piel (Germany): produces custom wood models for private clients
Ulrich Rudofsky (USA):  produces high quality wood and paper models of racing yachts and other unusual subjects
 Cheng-Ho's Treasure Ship by Ulrich Rudofsky, photo by Ulrich Rudofsky
Miles Vaughn (USA):  also owns Tuscon Wargamer's Supply and occasionally sells second-hand models.
H.P. Weiss (Germany):  produces exceptionally high quality paper models of all types of ships.
Harald J. Wiesner (Germany): producer of the highly regarded "NAUTIK ART" models and dioramas of maritime subjects occasionally offered on eBay.
John Youngerman (USA):  prolific producer of high quality models of naval subjects in wood as well as masters for various commercial producers.
  USS Colorado by John Youngerman, from his web site